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Talking Freight Webinar: Freight and Livability

 Talking Freight Webinar: Freight and Livability

On June 15th, HRTPO staff participated in FHWA’s Talking Freight Webinar: Freight and Livability.  The DOT-HUD-EPA Sustainable Communities Partnership developed six livability principals: Enhance Economic Competitiveness, Value Communities and Neighborhoods, Support Existing Communities, Coordinate Policies and Leverage Investments, Provide More Transportation Choices, and Promote Equitable, Affordable Housing. Freight is closely tied to five of these six principals.  For example, freight supports the community’s businesses, and can either enhance or undermine livability depending on how freight is accommodated within the community. The webinar also featured a representative from the Coca-Cola company discussing the delivery process, the challenges in the delivery process, and the solutions that the company takes to overcome some of the challenges. The webinar ended with the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Atlanta (the Atlanta Regional Commission) presenting their methodology for creating freight routes in the Atlanta metro area that provide proper transportation for freight while minimizing the impact on the local communities.