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Regional Transportation Plan Adopted

Regional Transportation Plan Adopted

Text Image depicting 2045 LRTP Vision Statement

As the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for Hampton Roads, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) is required to develop and maintain a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which serves as the region’s transportation blueprint.  On June 17, 2021, the HRTPO adopted the 2045 LRTP to help guide multimodal transportation investments for the region over the next twenty-four years.

Developed over a five-year collaborative process with regional stakeholders and the public, using the Regional Scenario Planning Framework and the HRTPO Project Prioritization Tool, the 2045 LRTP identifies $17 Billion to maintain the existing transportation system and an additional $13.7 Billion for multimodal projects and studies that will help reduce congestion, increase reliability, support economic vitality, and improve the quality of life for residents across Hampton Roads.  The plan contains major improvements to bridges, tunnels, roads, and interchanges across the region.  The plan also includes enhanced transit service, planned Bus Rapid Transit on the Peninsula, and new active transportation facilities.  As a system, these planned investments will help achieve the overall 2045 LRTP vision of an adaptive transportation system that seamlessly integrates transportation modes for all users.

Text Image depicting Key 2045 LRTP Requirements and Timeline

Text Image depicting Key 2045 LRTP Components

The 2045 LRTP is documented through a series of ten reports, which are available on the 2045 LRTP webpage.

Graphic of All Ten Reports included in the 2045 LRTP

The 2045 LRTP is intended to be a living document and will be maintained over the next five years.  Should additional funding be identified for the region (not already accounted for as part of the fiscal constrained plan) or if new transportation needs are identified, amendments to the plan can be considered by the HRTPO Board.

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