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Paths Connecting to the Virginia Capital Trail

Paths Connecting to the Virginia Capital Trail


The completion of the Virginia Capital Trail in 2015 inspired the HRTPO’s Active Transportation team to pursue a study to extend the Virginia Capital Trail into the Hampton Roads region.  The HRTPO and VDOT are currently underway with an extension study connecting the existing Virginia Capital Trail southern terminus in Jamestown to the South Hampton Roads Trail and Fort Monroe.

Since April 2016, The HRTPO has been working with the Paths Connecting the Virginia Capital Trail committee to map out the potential destinations and segments for the two new trails.  Currently, the consultants are evaluating and scoring the potential segments of the two routes.  Simultaneously, the HRTPO staff is summarizing the feedback from a public survey which ended January 13.  The committee will review both the segment scoring and public feedback at our next meeting January 25 in Williamsburg. 

The staff, consultants and committee will use both the segment scoring and public input to choose a preferred alternative for each route.  The draft concepts and routes will be reviewed in spring followed by a draft report in late spring. 


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