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TRB Annual Meetings

TRB Annual Meetings

By October 21, 2015 the world should be accustomed to flying cars and hoverboards, at least this is according to Back to the Future Part II.  These technological advances more than likely will not be common everyday modes of transportation when October comes around later this year.  However, their primitive components may have already been featured at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meetings.  

For one week every year, professionals from all over the world gather at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting held in Washington, D.C.  The Transportation Research Board (TRB) was formed in 1920 to provide an opportunity for the exchange of research developments regarding transportation.  TRB Annual Meetings embody this purpose by showcasing transportation-related publications via engaging workshops, lectern sessions, and poster presentations for its 10,000+ attendees.   

So why are the TRB Annual Meetings important?  The constant innovation and technological progress displayed at these meetings provide glimpses as to where transportation may be headed.  Best-practices from around the world are also showcased - inspiring attendees to improve the way they think about and plan for transportation.

Is it possible that flying cars and hoverboards will rule the transportation world?  Sure, although exactly when that happens is unknown.  Just know that work on improving transportation altogether is always being done, evident at the TRB Annual Meetings. 

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