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HRTPO to Launch New Website

HRTPO to Launch New Website

The HRTPO will soon roll out a new and improved website that reflects the unique needs, values, and concerns of Hampton Roads’ diverse stakeholders and citizens, continuing the HRTPO’s effort of maintaining an accessible, transparent transportation planning process.     

Most importantly, the new website will serve as a how-to guide for accessing and getting involved in the various projects, programs, and other work of the HRTPO.  In other words, giving citizens a direct say in the decisions made about transportation in our region.  To facilitate this process and make it as easy as possible for citizens, the website will continue to feature an events calendar and translator, allowing translation of the HRTPO’s reports, notices and website between a number of languages.    

The new website is an in-house project developed by HRTPO staff, and will go live in the next two months.

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