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HRTPO Convenes Environmental Justice Roundtable

HRTPO Convenes Environmental Justice Roundtable

On March 12, 2012, the HRPTO will convene its first meeting of the Environmental Justice (EJ) Roundtable to discuss the unique role that transportation plays in the diverse communities that make up Hampton Roads. 
The Roundtable discussions will focus on a variety of environmental justice issues that affect communities throughout the region, such as access to the transportation planning process, how the benefits and burdens of transportation projects are assessed, and effective ways in which the HRTPO’s projects and programs can be communicated.

EJ is more than a set of legal and regulatory obligations. Properly implemented, EJ principles and procedures improve all levels of transportation decision making.   The HRTPO hopes to enhance the public involvement process, strengthen community-based partnerships and provide members of EJ communities with opportunities to learn about and improve the quality and usefulness of transportation in their lives.  Additionally, the proper implementation of EJ principles will ensure improved data collection, monitoring and analysis tools that assess the needs of and analyze the potential impacts on, minority and low-income populations. 

The EJ Roundtable meeting will occur in the Boardroom of the Regional Building, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, VA.  For more information, contact Ms. Kendall Miller, Public Involvement and Community Outreach Administrator/Title VI and Environmental Justice Coordinator, at (757) 420-8300.

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