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News from the Transportation Research Board

News from the Transportation Research Board

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) has announced that as of late February, the TRB Annual Meeting online tool will  be further enhanced with the posting of additional content from the meeting. When this is complete, the TRB Annual Meeting Online website will contain over 2,300 technical papers, 2,500 visual aid slide presentations, 1,000 poster presentations, and more than 40 e-Session video-recordings. The material will be fully indexed which will allow users to identify papers and presentations of interest by searching across the entire database using keyword or indexed searching. TRB Annual Meeting registrants will have free access to all of this material. Pricing for others will be announced soon.  For TRB participants, the link for the annual meeting online is http://AMOnline.TRB.org 

TRB also announced that a number of conference attendees have requested that a DVD containing the 2,300 papers presented at the conference, be made available.  As a result, TRB has decided to offer two options for obtaining a Compendium DVD of all the papers from the 2011 Annual Meeting.

Option 1 - A file of the Annual Meeting DVD that includes all technical papers is now available for download at no-charge for registered Annual Meeting attendees.  To download this file, visit http://AMOnline.TRB.org. To find the link and instructions on how to download the file, “log in” using your six-digit Annual Meeting registration confirmation number* and the email address you used to register. (Please note that this is a very large file – 1.7 gigabytes – and it will take some time to download, even with a high speed Internet connection.) After downloading, you may keep this on your computer’s hard drive, or burn a DVD. The file has all of the search functions of our previous Annual Meeting Compendium DVDs. 

Option 2 - For those who prefer to purchase a copy of the Compendium DVD, rather than download the file, TRB will post a link by late February allowing Annual Meeting registrants to order a Compendium DVD for $25 to cover the production and handling costs. The price for those who did not register for the meeting will be $125.

The 91st meeting of  TRB will be held from January 22-26, 2012 in Washington, D.C. The theme for the 2012 meeting will be “Transportation: Putting Innovation and People to Work.”

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