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HRTPO Recognized for Performance Based Planning and Programming

HRTPO Recognized for Performance Based Planning and Programming

HRTPO performance-based planning and programming was highlighted at the state’s January 24, 2014 VTrans Regional Transportation Planners’ Forum held in Richmond with simultaneous webcasts across Virginia.  The forum showcased HRTPO’s:

  • “long history & sophistication in implementing PBPP [performance-based planning & programming]”
  • transparent linkage of Long-Range Transportation Plan goals to state goals and federal planning factors
  • performance reports
  • Project Prioritization Tool

The HRTPO performance-based planning and programming process is comprised of two main steps: 1) quantifying performance and proposing improvements, and 2) selecting projects based on expected performance.

Concerning the first step, HRTPO has a long history of quantifying the performance of the regional transportation system and proposing transportation projects designed to improve the performance of that system.  For many years staff has produced the following performance reports

  • Congestion Management Process (every four years)
  • Volumes, Speeds, and Congestion (annually)
  • Special Network Studies (as needed)
    • Regional Bridge Study
    • Military Transportation Needs Study
    • Truck Delay in Hampton Roads
    • Travel Time Reliability
    • Travel Time Speed Study
    • Regional Safety Study
    • Regional Freight Study
    • State of Transportation Report (annually)
    • Regional Performance Measures (annually)

Concerning the second step, the HRTPO uses various tools to select projects based on expected performance.  Projects for the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) are selected using a comprehensive Project Prioritization Tool that awards candidate projects up to 100 points each for project utility, economic vitality, and project viability.  Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) projects for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) are selected based on cost effectiveness of reducing pollutant emissions.  Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) projects for the TIP are selected based on a 100 point performance scale.

The next steps for HRTPO’s performance-based planning and programming include evaluating candidate 2040 LRTP projects using the Project Prioritization Tool, and revising regional performance measures to reflect 2040 LRTP goals and federal guidance expected in 2014.

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