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State of Transportation in Hampton Roads Report Released

State of Transportation in Hampton Roads Report Released

HRTPO has recently released the 2023 version of the State of Transportation in Hampton Roads report.  The State of Transportation report details the current status and recent trends of all facets of the transportation system in Hampton Roads, including air, rail, water, and highways.  Many aspects of the highway system are highlighted, including roadway usage, pavement condition, bridge condition, congestion levels, commuting characteristics, roadway safety, transit usage, tolling, and active transportation (such as biking and walking). 

There are a number of notable trends highlighted in the State of Transportation in Hampton Roads 2023 report, including:Line graph depicting Crashes, Injuries, and Fatalties in Hampton Roads, 2013-2022

  • Regional roadway travel remains below pre-pandemic levels - Based on data collected at 80 continuous count stations located throughout the region, regional traffic volumes decreased by 0.2% between 2021 and 2022, and roadway travel levels remain more than 5% below the levels seen prior to the pandemic in 2019.  
  • Regional air travel passenger levels approached pre-pandemic levels – Nearly 2.2 million passengers boarded flights at the two commercial service airports in Hampton Roads, and passenger levels at Norfolk International Airport reached a record high in 2022.
  • The Port of Virginia reached another record - The Port handled over 26 million tons of general cargo in 2022, which is another record year for the Port.  This is 39% higher than the amount of freight handled by the Port in 2013.
  • Intercity passenger rail travel also reached record levels – Nearly 250,000 passengers boarded or departed Amtrak trains in Hampton Roads in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2022, which is 8% higher than a decade before.  Most of the growth was due to a third train being added each day at the Norfolk station in July 2022.
  • The number of fatalites in the region remains high – The number of crashes in Hampton Roads decreased 3% between 2013 and 2022.  However, there were 162 fatalities that resulted from traffic crashes in 2022, a 24% increase from the level seen in the region in 2013.
  • The condition of bridges is improving – The number of structurally deficient bridges in Hampton Roads has been decreasing.  There were 36 bridges (2.8%) that were classified as structurally deficient in Hampton Roads as of August 2023, down from a high of 80 bridges (6.6%) in 2014.

The State of Transportation report also includes comparisons between Hampton Roads and other large metropolitan areas throughout the United States in order to examine how various aspects of the regional transportation system are performing.  HRTPO staff used the 40 other metropolitan areas throughout the country with populations between one and four million people to make these comparisons.  

Cover of The State of Transportation in Hampton Roads 2023The State of Transportation in Hampton Roads 2023 report can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

State of Transportation in Hampton Roads 2023 Report

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