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HRTPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiatives

HRTPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiatives

The non-motorized transportation network in the Hampton Roads region, consisting of sidewalks, bikeways and trails, plays an important role in ensuring the mobility and accessibility of the residents.  To enhance the efficiency and performance of the current system, the HRTPO staff is currently undertaking a broad research scan of bike and pedestrian plans from regions across the United States and worldwide. 

The objective of this scan is to investigate best practices in bike and pedestrian planning in various areas such as: facility and network development/management, regional bicycle and pedestrian plan development as well as implementation strategies to educate, fund, and develop the regional non-motorized network.

The research scan will be expanded to develop a comprehensive inventory of existing non-motorized facilities in the Hampton Roads region.  The development of the inventory will also include an objective analysis of the existing facilities and an understanding of the users of the system.  The broad review and subsequent analyses will help develop multi-modal strategies for a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system.

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