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An EVENTful fall at the TPO!

An EVENTful fall at the TPO!

by Brian Chenault, Community Outreach Planner

Here at the HRTPO, our vision for Public Participation is simple – a process whereby citizens walk away assured that their voice has been legitimately heard and their thoughts, ideas, and opinions have the potential to impact future HRTPO decisions.  This is the foundation and first step in creating an efficient transportation system that that works for all. 

TPO Fall events in your community

As part of this strategy, the HRTPO has made it a priority to involve and collaborate with communities and stakeholders who have not traditionally been considered in the transportation planning process and those citizens who often face unique mobility and accessibility challenges in utilizing Hampton Roads’ transportation system.  As such, during the months of October and November, the HRTPO Public Involvement team hit the road and participated in several region-wide events aimed at highlighting resources and services available to seniors, those with a special need or disability, and their families:

  • Newport News Disability Awareness Day
  • Virginia Beach Senior Showcase
  • Endependence Center Annual Meeting
  • Medicare Health Fair & Expo 

In addition to hearing hundreds of stories told by new friends, the HRTPO had the opportunity to share with event-goers the HRTPO’s process, critical involvement opportunities (such as the Long-Range Transportation Plan), an how their wants, needs, and aspirations are used to help shape the future of transportation in Hampton Roads overall. 

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