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2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan – Summary Brochure

2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan – Summary Brochure

The current Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for the Hampton Roads region has a planning horizon year of 2040 and was adopted by the HRTPO Board on July 21, 2016.  Since the plan adoption, the 2040 LRTP has been amended on three occasions to reflect updated project information and funding assumptions, with the latest amendment occurring in November 2017.

 The 2040 LRTP establishes a funding plan for over 160 multimodal transportation projects totaling almost $13 billion in planned investments.  The plan contains major roadway, bridge, and tunnel improvements, new interchanges, enhanced transit service, studies to improve mass transit in the region, and new active transportation facilities.  These planned projects as a system will help to reduce congestion, promote regional connectivity, support economic vitality, and improve the quality of life for residents across Hampton Roads.

 The 2040 LRTP is documented in a series of reports detailing the multi-year development process.  More recently, HRTPO staff developed a brochure summarizing plan highlights which can be viewed on the HRTPO website at:  https://www.hrtpo.org/uploads/docs/2040LRTP-SummaryBrochure.pdf

To access any of the 2040 LRTP compendium of reports, please visit:    http://hrtpo.org/page/2040-long-range-transportation-plan/

 Looking ahead, since LRTPs are updated every five years to reflect changing conditions, HRTPO staff has initiated the process to update the regional LRTP to the next planning horizon year of 2045.  Over the next few years, HRTPO staff will work with local, state, and Federal stakeholders as well as with residents and communities from across the region to develop the 2045 LRTP.  Stay tuned!