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Transportation Projects to Open Soon

Transportation Projects to Open Soon

There are three notable projects in Hampton Roads for which either construction is nearing completion or service is soon to begin.  Each of these projects represents significant improvements in connectivity, congestion relief, and/or safety.

(1) South Norfolk Jordan Bridge (Chesapeake & Portsmouth)

Estimated Project Cost: $142 million
Scheduled Completion: Late Summer 2012
The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge is currently under construction across the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, replacing the bridge which was closed in November 2008. The bridge connects Poindexter Street and I-464 in Chesapeake to Elm Avenue in Portsmouth. Unlike the previous bridge, the new, high-level span will not have to open for river traffic allowing for the free flow of traffic across the bridge. The project is being constructed and operated entirely with private funding (no local, state, or federal funds), and will be tolled. For more information about this project, including E-Z Pass information for the toll, go to www.snjb.net.

(2) Ironbound Road (James City County)

Estimated Project Cost: $14 million
Scheduled Completion: December 2012
Ironbound Road is currently being widened to 4 lanes from Strawberry Plains Road to Longhill Connector Road. The project increases the capacity of the roadway and will improve incident management response. This project has been under development (Preliminary Engineering & Right-of-Way acquisition) since 1998 and will include bike lanes and multi-use paths.

(3) Norfolk Passenger Rail Service (Norfolk to as far north as Boston)

Service Scheduled to Begin: December 2012
This project will restore intercity passenger rail service to Norfolk for the first time since 1977.  Amtrak Virginia trains will provide a single-seat ride to Richmond, Washington, D.C., and cities as far north as Boston, Massachusetts.  Construction for the passenger platform adjacent to Harbor Park is nearing completion.  Plans call for a multi-modal station – providing connectivity between the Tide light rail transit, HRT Ferry, HRT Bus, and Amtrak connector bus service – to be constructed at that site in the near future.  For more information, go to www.drpt.virginia.gov/activities/norfolk.aspx.

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