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HRTPO TIP Project of the Month: I 64 & I 264 Pavement Rehabilitation

HRTPO TIP Project of the Month: I 64 & I 264 Pavement Rehabilitation

By: Chris Wichman, Transportation Planner


The August HRTPO Project of the Month highlights the I-64 & I-264 Interstate Pavement Rehabilitation projects recently funded and initiated by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). This repaving effort will target some of the most troubled sections of Interstate highway in Hampton Roads. The project scope includes major restoration work that will increase pavement life by fifteen years or more for over 27 miles of distressed segments of I-64 and I-264 in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Along both the east and west bound lanes of each segment, VDOT contractor crews will perform concrete patching as needed, improve drainage and barriers, and install a pavement overlay to meet updated agency specifications for pavement thickness and surface condition.

Each year, VDOT releases a State of Pavement report detailing the condition and ride quality of most state-maintained roadways. VDOT produces this report using pavement condition data collected annually for every mile of Interstate and Primary roadway in the state. VDOT then rates the pavement condition of each roadway as excellent, good, fair, poor, or very poor. In the 2012 report, more than a quarter of all state-maintained roadways in Hampton Roads were rated poor or very poor. To begin addressing this issue, VDOT has committed over $120 million in construction funding in the current Six-Year Improvement Program for the sections of I-64 & I-264 that were rated ‘very poor’ in 2012.

The HRTPO State of Transportation in Hampton Roads 2013 report is a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking more information on pavement condition, or other vital characteristics of the Hampton Roads regional transportation system.

Also, visit our Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) website at hrtpotip.org for more information on the I-64 & I-264 repaving projects, as well as the many other exciting transportation projects going on in Hampton Roads. The TIP site includes useful tools, such as an Interactive Project Map, that make project information more easily accessible.


-        The Virginia Beach Expressway, now I-264 in Virginia Beach, was originally designated as State Route 44 from its construction in late 1950’s up until 1999.

-        The Virginia Beach Expressway was originally built and funded with toll revenue bonds. The tolls and toll booths were removed in 1996 upon repayment of the bonds.

-        The toll for cars and other two-axle vehicles was $0.25.


Project Highlights:


UPC #104329

Pavement rehabilitation on I-64 from Little Creek Rd. to Curlew Avenue, and on I-264 from Claiborne Avenue to the Broad Creek Bridge. (10.19 miles)


Construction Schedule: 9/1/2013 -11/20/2015

Estimated Construction Cost: $50,400,000

UPC #104330

Pavement rehabilitation on I-64 from the east abutment of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel to Little Creek Road. (4.95 miles)


Construction Schedule: 9/1/2013 - 11/20/2014

Estimated Construction Cost: $15,700,000

UPC #104331

Pavement rehabilitation on I-264 from the I-64 Interchange to Parks Avenue, including the westbound collector/distributor lanes from I-64 east of Newtown Road. (12.19 miles)


Construction Schedule: 9/1/2013 - 7/15/2016

Estimated Construction Cost: $54,100,000