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HRTPO Produces Regional Freight Facilities Interactive Map

HRTPO Produces Regional Freight Facilities Interactive Map

The Hampton Roads region is home not only to the third largest port on the East Coast but also to a number of other freight generators such as private marine terminals, airports, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and military bases.  These freight generators are connected by an extensive network of waterways, railroads, and highways.

Because of the importance of freight movement to the Hampton Roads region, HRTPO staff has recently created a web-based, interactive mapping inventory of freight facilities in Hampton Roads. This inventory includes the types of freight-generating facilities described above as well as other critical freight generators.  The inventory also includes waterways, railroads, and highways that are critical to moving freight into, out of, and throughout the region.  Information on truck bottlenecks and intermodal conflict points (such as highway-rail crossings and movable bridges) is also included.

The HRTPO Freight Facilities Interactive Map was created to provide a “one-stop shop” to access data on various aspects of the Hampton Roads freight network.  In addition, the map will assist HRTPO staff and other regional stakeholders with understanding the impact of freight on the region and incorporating freight movement into the regional transportation planning process.

HRTPO staff will update the Hampton Roads Freight Facilities Interactive Map on a regular basis.  The map can be accessed at this link or from HRTPO’s Freight webpage at https://www.hrtpo.org/page/freight.

Map of Hampton Roads depicting Freight assets

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