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Route 460: Isle of Wight County Report Approved by HRTPO Board

Route 460: Isle of Wight County Report Approved by HRTPO Board

At the July HRTPO meeting, the HRTPO Board approved the US Route 460 Corridor Study: Isle of Wight County. While there has been a lot of publicity in the newspapers recently about the Public-Private Transportation Act (PPTA) proposals for constructing a new alignment of US Route 460, this study focused on the existing route. Isle of Wight County asked the HRTPO to analyze what the conditions would be on US Route 460 before the new alignment is constructed.
With the current plans for industrial development around Windsor, congestion may become a significant issue. The HRTPO recommended improvements to the US Route 258, Court Street/Church Street/Bank Street, and the Roberts Avenue intersections to relieve congestion on US Route 460, to be built as traffic volumes on the corridor increase to where congestion relief is necessary.

HRTPO staff also reviewed crash records for the entire corridor, finding a large number of crashes caused by vehicles stopping in the through lanes prior to making turns. A two-way left-turn lane was recommended for the entire length of the corridor outside of downtown Windsor to separate the two opposing directions of travel while also allowing left-turning vehicles a safe place to wait for traffic to clear. Throughout Windsor, HRTPO staff recommended improving access management by narrowing driveways and closing unnecessary driveways that are close to intersections.

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