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HRTPO Resolution for State funding for I-64 Peninsula Widening – “Segment 4”

HRTPO Resolution for State funding for I-64 Peninsula Widening – “Segment 4”

On April 3, 2019, the General Assembly enacted the Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Program and Fund, which included a provision that a portion of the revenues collected under the Program be used by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) for operational improvements and other enhancements to improve the safety and reliability of, and travel flow along, other interstate highway corridors in the Commonwealth. In addition to providing $151 million annually for investment in the I-81 corridor, the Fund will annually provide $40 million for I-95, $28 million for I-64, $20 million for the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and $43 million for investment in other interstates as prioritized by the CTB.

At its July 18, 2019 meeting, the HRTPO passed a resolution requesting the CTB prioritize the use of the Interstate-81 Corridor Improvement Fund apportioned for I-64 to fund the continued widening of I-64 beginning at Exit 234 in James City County and advancing westward toward Richmond, also known as Segment 4 in Hampton Roads.

HRTPO Resolution 2019-04 cites I-64’s importance as the Hampton Roads Region’s only interstate access, as well as its role as an evacuation route during an emergency. Home to 1.7 million people, the Port of Virginia, a large number of military installations, and a thriving tourist industry, I-64 is a critical corridor for tourism, freight movement and military mobility to and from the Hampton Roads region.

The resolution also identifies the Hampton Roads region’s commitment to improving I-64. The resolution notes that the Region has funded more than 87 percent of total cost of five Hampton Roads transportation construction projects along the I-64 corridor, including the expansion of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and new High-Rise Bridge, using regional funds allocated by the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission.

The resolution concludes by encouraging the CTB to build upon the momentum established by the Region’s I-64 improvements that have steadily progressed up the Peninsula toward Richmond and prioritize the next Commonwealth-funded widening of Interstate 64 to begin at Exit 234 in James City County and advance in phases towards Bottoms Bridge.

To review HRTPO Resolution 2019-04 click HERE.

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