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HRTPO Public Participation Plan Updated

HRTPO Public Participation Plan Updated

Cover Image of the updated HRTPO Public Participation PlanThe Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO), has updated its Public Participation Plan. This plan is part of an effort to inform, increase awareness and engage interested parties in the HRPTO’s transportation planning processes.  The plan incorporates input from local and regional stakeholders and interested persons, and was adopted by the HRTPO Board in February of 2018.  Because the plan has only been updated to reflect recent changes in HRTPO board and committee structure, and no changes have been made to the core document itself, the plan will not be undergoing a 45- day public comment and review period.    

The updated 2019 HRTPO Public Participation plan will be available to the public as of August 1, 2019.  To receive a copy of the plan, contact Kendall Miller, Prinicipal, Office of Community Affairs and Civil Rights, at  kmiller@hrtpo.org  or by phone at (757) 407-1889.

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