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Regional Transportation Plan Adopted

Regional Transportation Plan Adopted

On July 21, 2016, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) adopted the 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to be the official transportation blueprint guiding multimodal transportation investments for the region over the next twenty years.  The 2040 LRTP updates the previous 2034 LRTP, which was adopted in January 2012. 

Developed over a 5 year collaborative process with regional stakeholders, the 2040 LRTP identifies 160 multimodal transportation projects totaling $12.8 billion in planned investments to help reduce congestion, promote regional connectivity, support economic vitality, and improve the quality of life for residents across Hampton Roads.  The plan contains major roadway, bridge, and tunnel improvements, new interchanges, enhanced transit service, a new mass transit line connecting two regional core areas, and new active transportation facilities.  These planned projects as a system will help to achieve the overall 2040 LRTP vision to develop a well-balanced transportation system that promotes good quality of life while enhancing the unique character of Hampton Roads. 

The 2040 LRTP is documented in a series of ten reports, covering the visioning process of the plan, projected population and employment growth, the evaluation of candidate transportation projects with the HRTPO Project Prioritization Tool and Title VI/Environmental Justice methodology, a survey of transportation challenges and potential strategies to address these challenges, funding assumptions to fiscally-constrain the plan, project summary information, forecasted performance of the plan, and finally a documentation of public involvement efforts in the development of the 2040 LRTP.  These reports can be accessed by clicking on the images below: 


In addition to the links above, the 2040 LRTP is available on the HRTPO website at:  http://hrtpo.org/page/2040-long-range-transportation-plan/



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