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HRTPO Board Action Summary April 20, 2017

HRTPO Board Action Summary April 20, 2017

Action Summary

Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting

April 20, 2017

The Regional Board Room, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia

1.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 10:30 a.m.  Chair Linda Johnson introduced Mr. Sanford Wanner, Interim Executive Director, Peninsula Airport Commission, and Ms. Cindy Rohlf, Newport News City Manager, as the newest HRTPO Non-voting members.

2.  Approval of Agenda

The HRTPO Board unanimously approved the agenda as written.

3.  Executive Director Report

Mr. Robert Crum provided a summary of current work activities of the HRTPO with particular note of the following:

  • The draft FY 2018 budget will be presented to the Board at its May 18, 2017 meeting. 
  • HRTPO Chair and Staff participated in CTB’s FY 2018-2022 Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP) public meeting on May 29th.  The main topic was the FY 2018 SMART SCALE project submittals.
  • HRTPO and DRPT staff are working closely on cost estimates and possible funding sources for the Richmond to Hampton Roads Higher Speed Passenger Rail TIER II EIS.
  • HRTPO Staff is currently working with the localities to expand the Virginia Capital Trail into Hampton Roads.



4.  Commonwealth Transportation Board Member Update

Mr. John Malbon reported the CTB is currently holding SMART SCALE public hearings with the CTB scheduled to finalize project selection in June.

5.  Virginia Department of Transportation Update

Mr. James Utterback deferred his comments until his briefing under Agenda Item #11: Hampton Roads Regional Priority Projects Update.

6.  Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Update

Ms. Jennifer DeBruhl reported that Director Jennifer Mitchell will brief the HRTPO Board next month regarding the Revenue Advisory Board (RAB) which was created by the Virginia General Assembly through House Bill 1359 during it 2016 Session.  The RAB is due to make recommendations to the General Assembly on possible capital transit funding.  She stated that DRPT is working with its grantees around the State on operating and capital funding for FY 2018 and noted that DRPT is completing work on its FY 2018-2022 SYIP to be released in May 2017.

7.     Virginia Port Authority Update

Ms. Cathie Vick reported the Norfolk International Terminal project is moving forward with construction anticipated by September.  She stated the COSCO Development, the largest vessel to visit the East Coast, will arrive at Virginia International Gateway in Portsmouth on May 8, 2017.

8.    HRT and WATA Updates

Mr. William E. Harrell reported HRT has corresponded with the Secretary of Transportation regarding challenges facing HRT and Virginia’s transit system.  He stated HRT is working with the jurisdictions to ensure better communication and noted that HRT will continue efforts with DRPT, HRTPO, and Locality staff to find a transit revenue stream through legislation.


Mr. Joshua Moore reported that WATA is currently undergoing an internal evaluation with federal reviewers recommending project completion or de-obligation of funds.  He indicated WATA is working with VDOT to award the Pocahontas Ferry Repower project and to install new engines by April 2018.

9.    Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) Update

Mr. Greg Edwards reported that CTAC met on April 13, 2017 and welcomed new members from Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.  He stated that CTAC members discussed the HRTPO Regional Transit Benchmarking Study and Hampton Roads Passenger Rail.


10. Military Liaisons Updates

LCDR Barbara Wilk of the U.S. Coast Guard had no comments.


Capt. Dean VanderLey of the U.S. Navy had no comments.


Col. Herbert Joliat of Langley-Eustis had no comments.


11. Hampton Roads Regional Priority Projects Update: James Utterback, VDOT

Mr. James Utterback briefed the HRTPO Board on the Hampton Roads Regional Priority Projects and provided a timeline for each.  He also discussed Segment 1 of the I-64 Express Lanes, consisting of the 8.4 mile conversion of the reversible HOV lanes on I-64 Southside.  He noted that system testing for the express lanes will commence in the Fall and should go live in early December.


12. FY 2018 Unified Planning Work Program: Camelia Ravanbakht, HRTPO

Dr. Camelia Ravanbakht, HRTPO Deputy Executive Director, briefed the HRTPO Board on the FY 2018 Unified Planning Work Program, noting that the UPWP describes regional transportation planning activities to be performed by the HRTPO, transit operators, and VDOT.  This item was included in the meeting agenda for approval under Item #19-C.


13. Study of the Remaining Components of the Draft HRCS SEIS: Memorandum of Understanding: Robert Crum, HRTPO

Mr. Robert Crum briefed the HRTPO Board regarding the Memorandum of Understanding developed by the HRTPO, VDOT, and HRTAC to study the remaining components of the Draft Hampton Roads Crossing Study Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.  The MOU establishes a framework to move the study forward in two parts: the Bowers Hill Interchange and Additional Feasibility Studies.  This item was included in the meeting agenda for approval under Item #19-D.


14. FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program and Certification of the Transportation Planning and Programming Process: Mike Kimbrel, HRTPO

Mr. Mike Kimbrel briefed the HRTPO Board on the FY 2018-2021 Transportation improvement Program, the first full update of the TIP since the current document was approved by the Board in July 2014, and Certification of the Transportation Planning and Programming Process.  He noted that the draft TIP underwent a 30-day public comment period.  This item was included in the meeting agenda for approval under Item #19-E.


15. State Revenue Sharing Program, HRTPO Staff and Localities

Mr. Mike Kimbrel briefed the HRTPO Board on the state Revenue Sharing Program and stated the Commonwealth Transportation Board is discussing possible changes to the program.  Mr. Phil Pullen of Virginia Beach outlined the City’s use of the program and stated that, from the City’s perspective,  changes to the existing program would be detrimental.




16. Public Comment Period (limit 3 minutes per individual)

A Citizen from Portsmouth expressed her views on Hampton Roads Transit and communication from the HRTPO.


A Citizen from Norfolk urged the Board to identify all possible funds to support issues that affect our region. 


17. Submitted Public Comments

There were two submitted public comments in the agenda packet.


18. Transcribed Public Comments From Previous HRTPO Meeting

This item was for informational purposes.


19. Approval of Consent Items

The HRTPOBoard unanimously approved the Consent Agenda items.


20. HRTPO Board Three-Month Tentative Schedule

This item was for informational purposes.


21. Minutes of HRTPO Committee Meetings

This item was for informational purposes.


22. For Your Information

This item was for informational purposes.


23. Old/New Business

Mr. Thomas Shepperd, HRTPO Vice-Chair, requested Board members complete the HRTPO Executive Director annual evaluation form and return to the Human Resources Administrator.


Mayor Donnie Tuck of Hampton requested information on the Lane Reversal process to be utilized during an evacuation in Hampton Roads.  Mr. Crum stated the topic will be included as an agenda item in the near future.



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