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Birthplace of America Trail

Birthplace of America Trail

A study of Paths Connecting to the Virginia Capital Trail (PCVCT) has been ongoing since 2016.  HRTPO staff, VDOT, and a consulting firm have been working hard at finalizing the study by summer 2017.  Preferred alternatives for both the Southside and Peninsula trails were drafted after reviewing segment scoring and public input.  Routes were confirmed as HRTPO staff, VDOT, and the consultants met with key stakeholders in the region including: National Park Services, Newport News Water Works, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The College of William and Mary and many localities. 

Following the review, HRTPO staff updated the project subcommittee at its March meeting, and the subcommittee adopted the preferred alternative (see map).  The subcommittee also chose a name for the study and trail: the Birthplace of America Trail.  The HRTPO Board is scheduled, at its July 20, 2017 meeting, to take action on the preferred alternative and the name recommended by the Subcommittee.

The Birthplace of America Trail study will be completed by summer.  For additional information:www.hrtpo.org/page/birthplace-of-america-trail/



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