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Action Summary: FTAC Meeting April 7, 2011

Action Summary: FTAC Meeting April 7, 2011

Action Summary

Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC) Meeting

April 7, 2011
VPA, World Trade Center, Norfolk, Virginia

Approval of Minutes
The committee approved the minutes of the previous meeting (March 3, 2011).

Remarks by Admiral Craig Quigley
The Admiral presented the goals of the Hampton Roads Military & Federal Facilities Alliance
(HRMFFA). No official action.

Discussion of proposed study to find truck toll tipping points. No official action.

Public Outreach Video Update
Discussion of proposed freight video. No official action.

FTAC Administrative Items
Presentation of Annual Progress Report and discussion of goals and meeting frequency. No official

Hypothetical Inland Port Study
The committee offered feedback on draft HRTPO staff assumptions. No official action.

Announcement of Next Meeting Date, Place, Time
The next FTAC meeting was scheduled for June 2, 2011 at 10:00 at VPA.

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