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Governor McDonnell Signs Landmark Transportation Funding Bill into Law

Governor McDonnell Signs  Landmark Transportation Funding Bill into Law

by Kendall Miller, Public Involvement and Title VI Administrator

On Monday, April 8, 2013, Governor Bob McDonnell signed the Commonwealth of Virignia's Hsitoric Legislation, HB2313, into law, effective July 1, 2013.  This followed the Wednesday, April 3, 2013, vote by the  General Assembly to uphold  the amendments proposed in Governor Bob McDonnell’s 2013 Transportation Reform package.

Known as “Virginia’s Road to the Future”, these reform measures provide a new road map for raising the billions of dollars needed to pay for transportation improvements across the Commonwealth, with a particular focus on Northern Virginia, and Hampton Roads. 

The measures represent  the first long-term transportation funding solution in Virginia in 27 years.  It is expected to provide more than six billion dollars in transportation funding for the Commonwealth over the next five years, tying transportation funding to economic growth.  Highlights include:

  • Establishing an amendment to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Constitution  to protect transportation funding;
  • Eliminating  the current unsustainable practice of taking money meant for new construction, to fund paving and pothole patching;
  • Funding hundreds of construction and maintenance projects around the state, including widening I-64 between Newport News and Williamsburg here in Hampton Roads;
  • Reconstructing or Replacing 75 bridges throughout the Commonwealth;
  • Allowing for the continued operation of Virginia’s six Amtrak Regional Services;
  • Extending two more Amtrak Regional services to Norfolk/Virginia Beach;
  • Allowing Virginia to match any Federal transportation funding for the enhancement of the Commonwealth’s intercity and high speed rail network;
  • Investing in infrastructure improvements between Washington and Richmond that will enhance current Amtrak Regional services;
  • Funding for Smart Roadway Technology Projects;
  • Providing the Commonwealth with the transportation infrastructure necessary to grow and prosper in the decades ahead.

Reflecting on this historic vote, Governor McDonnell said, “Starting today, businesses in Virginia, and those we are recruiting around in the United States and around the world, will know that we have addressed for the long-term, the funding needs of our road and rail network after 27 years of gridlock.”

To read Governor McDonnell’s press release or to find out more about “Virginia’s Road to the Future” and to view their website, click here.

Governor’s Amended Budget

This plan will generate approximately $842 million annually statewide by FY 2018, or approximately $3.4 billion over the next five years for the Commonwealth’s transportation network.  An additional $175 - $222 million will be generated annually for transportation projects in Hampton Roads through a dedicated gas tax and an increase in the regional sales tax. Click table for .pdf version.

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