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HRTPO Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee Chair Completes Term

HRTPO Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee Chair Completes Term

by Kendall Miller, Public Involvement and Title VI Administrator

At its January 20, 2010, Board meeting, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) established a Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) that was charged with providing input to the HRTPO Board on transportation issues and helping to inform and increase awareness about the transportation planning and programming process.

Former HRTPO Chair, Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms, appointed William Harrison, Jr., as CTAC Chair.  A Virginia Beach resident, Mr. Harrison, a partner with the legal firm Williams Mullen had a long history of community involvement including: 

  • Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, Former Commissioner
  • Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee, Chairman
  • Sandler Center for the Performing Arts Foundation, Executive Committee
  • Virginia Beach City Council (1994 - 2002)
  • Virginia Beach Personnel Board, Former Commissioner
  • Virginia Beach United Way, Past Chairman
  • Virginia Beach Vision, Board of Directors

Under Mr. Harrison’s leadership, the CTAC authored four Resolutions of Endorsement:

CTAC Resolution 2012-1 – regarding the HRPTO Passenger Rail Task Force and the recommendation to reconvene regular meetings to facilitate an ongoing dialogue regarding challenges and opportunities  surrounding the development  and implementation of regional passenger rail.
CTAC Resolution 2011-1 – supporting the regional transportation project prioritization and selection process for the Long Range Transportation Plan and further calling upon the HRPTO to find alternative, additional and innovative funding sources for transportation projects
CTAC Resolution 2010-1 –regarding transportation funding and mobility issues and endorsing aggressive consideration of new, dedicated sources of funding for transportation.
CTAC Resolution 2010-2 –regarding briefings on military transportation issues, recommending that the HRTPO schedule a briefing by the Department of the Navy each year, both to the HRPTO, and the Commonwealth Transportation Board. 

HRTPO Board Chair Mayor Molly Ward (Hampton) presented Mr. Harrison with two Resolutions of Appreciation for his years of leadership and commitment.  Upon receipt of the Resolutions, Mr. Harrison thanked Mayor Sessoms for appointing him CTAC  Chair  and  went on to  thank HRTPO staff and the CTAC for their hard work in organizing the CTAC  Mr. Harrison expressed confidence that the CTAC would continue to make great strides under the leadership of newly appointed CTAC Chair and former CTAC Vice-Chair, Shepelle Watkins-White.

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