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New Bus Shelter at The Regional Building

New Bus Shelter at The Regional Building
The Regional Building now has a bus shelter and its own bus stop.

by: Robert B. Case, PE, PTOE 

An HRT bus route has served The Regional Building—home of HRTPO—for years, but there was no bus shelter and the bus stop was located down the street in front of a neighboring hotel.

In 2010, HRTPO staff expressed interest to City of Chesapeake staff in having a bus shelter near The Regional Building.  In May of 2012, City of Chesapeake staff offered to fund such a shelter using regional CMAQ funds allocated by the HRTPO Board.

On March 6, 2013 HRT completed construction of a bus shelter in front of The Regional Building (as shown at right), making the usage of public transportation to reach the HRTPO more convenient for persons visiting the HRTPO and for HRTPO staff.