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Driving Innovation: HRTPO Staff’s Journey to Conferences in Transportation Planning
Planning for Equitable Transportation
Hampton Roads 2050 LRTP Candidate Project Portal
Extending the Elizabeth River Trail- Cost Model and Cost Estimates
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA): Reconnecting Communities Pilot
Hampton Roads Regional Safety Study Survey
HRTPO Produces Regional Freight Facilities Interactive Map
Imagine the Year 2050…
Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Approves $2.8 Billion In Transportation Projects
Project Spotlight: St. Paul’s Infrastructure Improvements Phase 2
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Latest News
September 14, 2023 - Kyle Gilmer, Senior Transportation Planner
September 14, 2023 - Charles Headley, Transportation GIS Planner
September 13, 2023 - Kyle Gilmer, Senior Transportation Planner