Hampton Roads Transportation Planning OrganizationHRTPO
HRTPO Board Meeting
HRTPO Board Meeting
July 21, 2016 10:30 AM until 12:00 PM Eastern Time Zone
Event Details:


Action Summary

Agenda (Click here for Full Agenda)

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Executive Director Report


4. Commonwealth Transportation Board Member Update: John Malbon, CTB

5. Virginia Department of Transportation Update

6. Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Update

7. Virginia Port Authority Update

8. HRT and WATA Updates

9. Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee Update

10. Military Liaisons Updates

11. Nominating Committee: Vacancy Appointments for Annual Election of Officers: HRTPO Chair Linda Johnson

12. 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan Adoption: Dale Stith, HRTPO

Presentation 12-2040 LRTP Adoption

Resolution Adopting the Hampton Roads 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan

13. HRCS – SEIS: Alternatives and Public Comment Process Discussion: Bob Crum and Camelia Ravanbakht, HRTPO

Presentation 13-HRCS SEIS Alternatives and Public Comment Process

14. Federal Quadrennial Certification Review of the HRTPO: Ivan Rucker, FHWA

Presentation 14-2016 USDOT Planning Certification Review

15. Franklin and Southampton MPA Expansion Proposed Concept: Bob Crum and Camelia Ravanbakht, HRTPO

Presentation 15-Franklin and Southampton MPA Expansion Proposed Concept


16. Public Comment Period (limit 3 minutes per individual)

17. Submitted Public Comments

18. Transcribed Public Comments from Previous HRTPO Meeting

19. FY 2017 HRTPO Budget – Staff Performance Compensation

20. Vacancy Appointment for Vice-Chair: HRTPO Chair Linda Johnson


21. Approval of Consent Items

A. Minutes

B. HRTPO Financial Statement

C. 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan Adoption – HRTPO Board Resolution 2016-03

D. Franklin and Southampton MPA Expansion – Proposed Concept: Amended and Restated MOAs

E. FY 2015-2018 TIP Amendment (UPC 102734): Newport News

F. FY 2015-2018 TIP Amendment (UPC 106692): HRTAC

G. FY 2015-2018 TIP Amendment (UPC 106694): HRTAC

H. FY 2015-2018 TIP Amendments: VDOT

i. Route 460 PPTA Debt Service: (103754)

ii. I-64 Peninsula Widening – Segment 1 Debt Service: (109383)

iii. Route 134 Bridge Replacement over Brick Kiln Creek: (105222)

iv. Norfolk Signal System Improvements – Phase 4C: (105592)

v. Vehicle Fuel Conversion Program: (T11802)

vi. Norfolk Traffic Control System Platform Upgrade: (109303)

vii. Godwin Boulevard Park and Ride Lot: (98815)

viii. Nike Park Road Extension: (109314) (PE Only)

ix. Coliseum Drive Extension: (108731) (PE Only)

x. Longhill Road Widening: (100921)

xi. I-64/Northampton Boulevard Interchange Improvements: (107044) (PE Only)

xii. Centerville Turnpike Phase 3: (109381)


22. HRTPO Board Three-Month Tentative Schedule

23. Correspondence of Interest

24. Minutes of HRTPO Advisory Committee Meetings

25. For Your Information

A. Hampton Roads Transportation Fund: Monthly Financial Report

B. Hampton Roads District SMART SCALE Projects

C. Beyond Traffic Roundtable on the Freight Economy

26. Old/New Business


Location: The Regional Building Board Room, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, VA
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