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What is Google Earth

This page provides important information on how to use and interpret the Regional Land Use (RLU) Map Visualization using Google Earth. Please read through this before continuing on to the visualization. he land use maps shown in this visualization reflect the future land use plans for the regional localities as of May 2011. Check back later for updates to the Regional Land Use Map.

Google Earth is a free-of-charge downloadable virtual Earth program. It constructs this virtual Earth by dynamically piecing together a series of aerial and satellite photographs. Google Earth allows users to zoom in and out, and pan across the Earth's surface. It also allows information providers of all kinds to publish geo-spatial information that overlays with the virtual Earth background of aerial and satellite photographs.

Google Earth is NOT real-time. The photography presented by Google Earth is static. Depending on what part of the Earth you are viewing, the aerial photography may be several years old.

For more information about Google Earth, please read their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Google Earth?

SAFETEA-LU specifies that MPOs such as the HRTPO must use enhanced visualization techniques in their planning and outreach efforts. HRTPO staff has recommended using Google Earth as one tool in its efforts towards better visualization of the Plan as well as other planning activities.

How to get Google Earth

Google Earth is embedded in our website for a web-based user experience, as well as a file download format for desktop based user experience. Click HERE for Broad Future Land Use, HERE for Detailed Future Land Use. For the desktop based user experience, the user will need to download Google Earth, which can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Google Earth website. It is available for PC, Mac and Linux. Click HERE for the Broad Future Land Use KMZ file or HERE for the Detailed Future Land Use KMZ file.

The basics of Google Earth

The Google Earth Product Tour provides a good introduction to using Google Earth.

One Google Earth feature that is not described in the tour is how to use a scroll-wheel mouse with Google Earth. When using Google Earth with a scroll-wheel mouse, one can use the scroll-wheel to easily zoom in and out of the Earth.