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Transportation Legislation


Click here to go to the 2015 General Assembly Transportation Legislation Website. You can search their database for current items under legislation.

Click a link below for information on HB2 and HB1887 transportation legislation items:

  • Follow this link to the CTB's HB2 website
  • Read this fact sheet on House Bill 2, Statewide Transportation Prioritization Process 
  • House Bill 1887: Transportation; funding, formula, updates annual reporting, and allocations; as it appears in the Legislative Agenda

Click to read the HRTPO 2015 legislative agenda resolution.

Click to read the TTAC HB2 Recommendations.

Summary Information

2015 GA Bills Summary (updated 05/05/2015)


MAP-21: Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century

After ten extensions upon the expiration of SAFETEA-LU in September 2009, a 27-month transportation bill authorizing $105 billion through September 30, 2014 in spending on highway, mass transit, and other transportation programs was passed on July 6, 2012. Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century, or MAP-21, continues the current funding levels plus inflation through FY 2014, and like its predecessor, the large majority of funding in MAP-21 is dedicated to highway spending with a funding split of 80% highway/20% transit. In addition, MAP-21 ensures two years of solvency for the Highway Trust Fund and provides for substantial programmatic consolidation with no earmarks and eliminating most discretionary programs. While strengthening the nation's highway and public transportation systems, MAP-21 also consolidates/eliminates Federal programs, streamlines project delivery process, enhances highway safety, increases focus on freight, expands TIFIA program, expands tolling authority, and mandates implementation of performance measures and targets.

Summary Information

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