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State of Transportation

As part of the Congestion Management Process, the HRTPO staff regularly updates and publishes the State of Transportation in Hampton Roads Report, with the latest report released in 2015. These reports document the Region’s recent transportation data and historical trends, and compare Hampton Roads with similar metropolitan areas in the United States.  The State of Transportation in Hampton Roads report includes information in the following areas:

  • Air travel
  • Marine activity
  • Rail traffic
  • Roadway usage
  • Commuting data
  • Safety
  • Truck data
  • Transportation operations
  • Public transportation
  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Transportation financing and funding
  • Air quality

As part of the CMP Program, the HRTPO is carrying out the following activities:

  • Updating future traffic projections with the latest forecast
  • Gathering and updating the CMP database with the latest traffic counts
  • Updating the current level of service and determining future conditions
  • Developing and incorporating crash data into the CMP database
  • Performing additional detailed analysis of congested corridors
  • Identifying impacts of the most congested locations on other corridors, intersections, or the transportation system
  • Analyzing crash data and depicting high crash locations for the interstate systems and intersections along the CMP roadway network