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Public Comment Opportunities

Public Notices 

The HRTPO public involvement and community outreach process provides the review of transportation plans and programs as they are being developed and as they go into HRTPO’s approval process.  The opportunity to review and comment on the documents, plans and programs is advertised through the HRTPO website, social media, media advisories to regional news providers, messages to HRTPO’s list of interested parties, distribution to the member jurisdictions, advertisements at the office location, and via mail to partner organizations for posting at their locations.  The HRTPO provides a public review and comment period of no less than 14 days for LRTP and TIP updates, the associated regional Conformity Analyses (RCA) for Air Quality,and special studies and reports developed by the HRTPO staff.


The public participation and notification processes of the HRTPO satisfy the individual public participation policies of HRTPO planning partners in accordance with Federal regulations and guidelines.  To view Public Notice Translations, Access to LEP and Accessibility Guidelines and more, click here.

The HRTPO will strive to provide reasonable accommodations and services for persons who require special assistance to participate in this public involvement opportunity. Contact Kendall Miller, Public Involvement/Title VI Administrator at (757) 420-8300 or for more information.



Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Vision Plan
Draft Report

In the interest of studying the region’s potential for high-speed passenger rail service, The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) retained the services of a consultant specializing in passenger rail planning in FY 2011. The work of the consultant has resulted in the completion of the following: Preliminary Vision Plan (Phase 1), Blueprint Study (Phase 1B), and Data Collection (Phase 2A).

The Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Vision Plan final report (Phase 2B) was approved by the HRTPO Board on March 20, 2014.  The HRTPO Board also approved the Scope of Work for a Newport News – Richmond Passenger Rail Route Analysis (Phase 2B Supplement) to add additional evaluation of passenger rail enhancements on the Peninsula to the approved final report. The revised Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Vision Plan Draft Report, which includes the supplemental analysis of Newport News to Richmond routes, has now been completed and can be viewed via the links below.

Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Vision Plan Alternatives Analysis – Draft Executive Summary

Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Vision Plan Alternatives Analysis – Draft Report

Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Vision Plan Alternatives Analysis – Draft Appendices

All interested parties are encouraged to review the draft report and send comments to Chris Wichman, Transportation Planner, at or by mail to 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320. The deadline for comments on this draft report is October 14, 2014.