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Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

With over 1.6 million residents, millions of tourists, and millions of tons of freight transported in and out of the region, an efficient transportation system is essential. Moving people and goods safely and efficiently through Hampton Roads requires a great deal of planning. The HRTPO is responsible for transportation planning in our region.

The HRTPO consists of representatives from local communities, public transportation agencies, the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. In compliance with federal regulations, the HRTPO has produced a long-range plan to ensure an efficient, intermodal transportation system for the future.

Refer to the document below for guidance on planning a surface transportation project from concept to construction.

Summary guidance for projects

2034 Long-Range Transportation Plan  2034 Long-Range Transportation Plan - Click to Download

(As of January 19, 2012)

2030 Long-Range Transportation Plan

(Prior to January 19, 2012)

2035 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan

Click here to view the Rural Long Range Transportation Plan page

Regional Active Transportation

The term "active transportation" refers to all forms of human-powered transportation modes, including walking and bicycling. As part of the development of the HRTPO 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan, and to enhance active transportation planning efforts in Hampton Roads, HRTPO staff performed a Regional Active Transportation Research Scan. The purpose of the scan was to identify best practices in active transportation planning within the United States and abroad.

Click the link below to view a copy of this report.

Regional Active Transportation Research Scan